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Fuelling British Canoeing Athletes to Tokyo 2020
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Fuelling British Canoeing Athletes to Tokyo 2020

Since 2019 Vow Nutrition have been fuelling our Olympic and Paralympic athletes, enabling them to recover faster so they can train harder.

From protein shakes to energy gels, British Canoeing’s partnership with Vow Nutrition has focused on optimising the senior team’s performance going to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Vow Nutrition have complemented British Canoeing’s ‘balanced diet, food first’ approach to nutrition.

Britain’s most successful Olympic canoeist, and Bronze medallist from Tokyo 2020, Liam Heath has been using Vow Nutrition products since 2019 to supplement his diet and said:

 “VOW’s support and supplements have been crucial in helping me train, recover, and compete at the highest level. Refuelling after and before sessions is vital in aiding the body's recovery and making the gains you’re after. With the training load I have it’s challenging to refuel in between sessions whilst on the go and I have hugely benefited from the VOW Pre-Workout and Elite Whey. I also found VOW’s Creatine Chews a great way to top up my levels’.

 British Canoeing Tokyo 2020 Silver Medallist, Mallory Franklin has also been using Vow Nutrition products since 2019, and said: “The products I have used have helped me recover from my training as best possible and have allowed me to deliver regularly on a world stage”

Para-Canoeist Rob Oliver won a dramatic bronze at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games and cites Vow as playing a key part in his training regime:

“Vow have been amazing on my journey to Tokyo, they have fuelled me through the tough times and the good times. But I can always rely on them for an amazing quality product.”

Managing Director for Vow Nutrition, Simon Stevens, said: “I am incredibly proud to be able to support British Canoeing‘s athletes in their journey to Tokyo 2020 through the use of our high quality performance supplements. It is athletes like Liam and Mallory who inspire new generations of paddlers to have a go and see how far they can progress.”



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