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We VOW to Make our Planet Healthier
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We VOW to Make our Planet Healthier

100% Recyclable Packaging

Physical Health and Wellness are a never-ending processes of transformation and change. This all leads to making improvements and achieving Goals.
At VOW Nutrition we have started taking the health of our planet as serious as we take the health and wellness of our bodies. 

Becoming More Sustainable

By investing in the development of packaging that is 100% Recyclable and suitable for food products. Our aim in 2022 is to become 100% sustainable across all our single use packaging. We have started 2022 with the transition of all our powder products moving into 100% Recyclable Packaging and are currently testing sustainable alternatives for the remaining range. We will also be launching all our new products in sustainable packing.

Change however is never ending and we now have a team dedicated to making sure that every time we look to bring a new product to market, we research the effects it may have on the environment and make sure we do everything possible to maximise the usage of sustainable alternatives.

We have set a company target for 2022 which is to be over 95% sustainable in all of our product  packaging. However that's just the beginning because as we say, change is never ending.

Stopping Ocean Pollution

Plastic pollution is now one of the most critical environmental issues the world is facing today and is something VOW Nutrition feels very strongly about. With an estimated 150 million tonnes of plastic in the world’s oceans and millions of tonnes more in landfills across the world, it’s now more important than ever that we make a change, so we did.




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