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The Proven Effects of Creatine
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The Proven Effects of Creatine

If there is one supplements I get ask about all the time its Creatine.

Creatine is often a point of discussion in the world of sports supplements and health. It's also often associated with Bodybuilders due to its reputation among the fitness world.

The first thing to know is you probably eat creatine every day without realising it. When you eat meat such as steak or fish your liver and kidneys take in the amino acids to make creatine, which is then transferred to your muscles as a form of cellular energy called creatine monohydrate.

So when you use a  creatine supplement you are likely to have seen it work in a similar manner, with your body converting the supplement into creatine phosphate, feeding your muscle during intense explosive exercise such as sprints, heavy lifts and HITT workouts.

However creatine phosphate runs out at a rapid rate during any explosive type of training, meaning that added creatine supplementation can give you more power for higher reps which in turn make for a better workout and better gains from the training you are doing.

Lastly I’ve been asked so  many times if creatine increases weight or creates water retention. This is untrue and must be ignored. When I won the British Drug Free Bodybuilding title I had minimal body fat and was taking high levels of creatine to support my training whilst losing weight and being low on energy. In-fact creatine clearly helped me train harder which in turn helped me burn more fat and stay less fatigued whilst on low calories.

If you are interested to find out if the proven effects of creatine are correct I’d suggest using the Creatine Chews that I designed and used whilst Bodybuilding, as it’s a very convenient way to take creatine and even load creatine during the day. Also with the added Dextrose you gain an insulin spike which helps the uplift of the creatine into the muscles which means the effects are much quicker when taken in this chewable format.

Simon Stevens

Founder VOW Nutrition

UKDFBA Bodybuilding Champion



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