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Soccer Supplements Designed to help Boost Match Days

Soccer Supplements Designed to help Boost Match Days

VOW Nutrition have worked incredibly hard testing and perfecting a range of supplements that can be used in all Team Sports.

Making the correct choice when selecting supplements to help aid Energy, Endurance and recovery at the start, during or end of exercise is very important and is often not even thought about by athletes or coaches during hard match days .

VOW Nutrition's team of industry experts have put their years of knowledge working with Olympic athletes, International Football players and Rugby players along with World Champion Boxers together to created a range of Team Sports products that provide the precise ingredients required at each stage of the team sport you are performing.

In 2019 VOW Nutrition's team sports range will be used on Match Days by both the Wasps Rugby and Wasps Netball teams. It is also being used by various football clubs who are playing at the highest levels. 




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