Fabio Wardley

British Heavyweight Boxing Champion


Professional Boxing Record

Total - 16
Wins - 16
By knockout - 15
Losses - 0

English Heavyweight Champion
British Heavyweight Champion
WBA Continental Heavyweight Title

Rising Star in the Heavyweight Division

Fabio Wardley is a British professional boxer who has quickly established himself as a rising star in the heavyweight division. Born in Ipswich, England, on March 24, 1995, Wardley began his professional career in 2017.

Wardley is known for his aggressive fighting style and his ability to deliver powerful blows to his opponents.

Outside of the ring, Wardley is known for his humble and grounded personality. He is deeply committed to his training and is always looking for ways to improve his technique and strengthen his skills. He also gives back to his community through his support of the NSPCC, a charity that works to prevent child abuse and neglect.

In July 2021, Wardley defeated Nathan Gorman to claim the British heavyweight title. This victory cemented his status as one of the top boxers in the UK, and he has since set his sights on even greater accomplishments in the sport.

With his impressive skills and determination, Wardley is poised to become one of the top heavyweight boxers in the world. Fans and analysts alike are eagerly anticipating his next fight, and many predict that he will continue to rise through the ranks and achieve greatness in the sport.