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Nutrition for Boxing

The VOW Nutrition team want to help you make the correct choices when selecting supplements to support your performance and recovery whilst Boxing training.
Boxing training covers so many different areas of exercise and uses a wide range of muscles. Whilst performing Boxing training you will need to increase your energy levels, stay as hydrated as possible and then recover quickly once the workout has ended.
This is why the VOW Nutrition team have put together a list of  supplements that can help provide the precise ingredients required to maximise performance at each stage of a Boxing workout.

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Before you start your Boxing Workout you must make sure that you fuel your body with a good source of energy, as Boxing sessions can be very endurance based.

Without a good source of energy you may not only just get tired quicker but feel a build up of lactic acid in the muscles which will stop you from being able to push harder for longer. 
The best way to overcome this is to have a good source of carbs to kick start your workout, along with something like caffeine that can help you remain focused and alert during your workout.

The two products we recommend are the VOW Nutrition Pre Workout or the Kick Off gel. Both will help support you through the entire workout and keep you energised.

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During your boxing workout it's import to keep your body hydrated and topped up with essential amino acids to support the maintenance and repair of muscle. You must also have a good source of carbohydrates to sustain your energy levels.

The VOW Nutrition EAA Hydr8 has been designed to do just this. It includes the essential amino acids that your body requires to repair and maintain muscle. It then offers an exciting source of energy using the cutting edge carbohydrate Cyclic Dextrin. Lastly we have added electrolytes to keep you hydrated during your workout.

This should be the one product that never misses your Boxing workouts.

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Recovery is one of the most important phases of any exercise. So making sure you feed your body with what it requires is incredibly important at this time.

We recommend you use a good source of protein to start feeding the muscles with the amino acids it requires. We have designed the VOW Nutrition Elite Whey using Isolate and concentrate protein sources which include a high level of Amino Acids. These branch chain amino acids are proven to benefit the recovery and repair of your muscles.

This Should enable you to feel recovered by the time you get to your next Boxing workout.

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