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The VOW Nutrition team want to help you make the correct choices when selecting supplements to support your performance and recovery whilst performing Bodybuilding training in the Gym.
Bodybuilding workouts covers so many different areas of exercise and uses a wide range of muscles with the main focus being on gaining strength and size.

Whilst performing these workouts you will need to increase your energy levels, stay as hydrated as possible and then recover quickly once the workout has ended.
This is why the VOW Nutrition team have put together a list of  suitable supplements and information that can help provide the precise ingredients required to maximise the gains you want to achieve.

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Creatine is often associated with Bodybuilders due to its reputation among the fitness world and its  proven scientific claim that it increases explosive energy during exercise.

Everyone eats creatine every day without realising it. When you eat meat such as steak or fish your liver and kidneys take in the amino acids to make creatine, which is then transferred to your muscles as a form of cellular energy called creatine monohydrate.

So when you use a creatine supplement you are likely to have seen it work in a similar manner, with your body converting the supplement into creatine phosphate, feeding your muscle during intense explosive exercise such as sprints, heavy lifts and high intensity workouts.

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D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid has become a very popular supplement for increasing testosterone as it has research that has shown increases of up to 60% which is incredibly high for a natural supplement.

One study in healthy men aged between 27 and 37 examined the effects of taking D-Aspartic Acid supplements for 12 days. It found that 20 out of the 23 men taking D-Aspartic Acid had higher testosterone levels at the end of the study, with an average increase of 42%. Three days after they stopped taking the supplement, their testosterone levels were still 22% higher.

Another study examined the effects of taking D-Aspartic Acid for longer than a month. This research found when men aged between 27 and 43 took D-aspartic acid for 90 days, they experienced a 30–60% increase in testosterone.

So based on this research you should see an increase in strength and the rate in which you grow and maintain muscle mass.

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Quality Whey Protein

Recovery is one of the most important phases of Bodybuilding. So making sure you feed your body with what it requires to repair and build muscle is incredibly important during this period.

We would recommend you use a good source of protein to start feeding the muscles with the amino acids it requires. We have designed the VOW Nutrition Elite Whey using Whey Isolate and concentrate protein sources which include a high level of Amino Acids. These branch chain amino acids are proven to benefit the recovery and repair of your muscles which will support growth and strength gains.

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I've used VOW Nutrition since they launched. As a World Natural Bodybuilding Champion I need products I can trust and knowing they have been designed and created by a previous British Natural Bodybuilding Champion who is very experienced in the Sports Nutrition sector why would I choose anything else.  

Nigel St lewis