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Matchrooms Fight Camp in association with VOW Nutrition
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Matchrooms Fight Camp in association with VOW Nutrition

It was an honour for VOW Nutrition to be a major part of the Matchrooms Fight Camp that ended this weekend.

After several months without live boxing, Matchroom Boxing created Fight Camp with events all throughout the month of August.

It had been a long time since we have had a regular feed of live boxing every weekend, with lockdown and quarantine restrictions nobody knew how Boxing could be back until 2021. Matchrooms resolved this problem by creating Fight Camp in the gardens of the Matchrooms Boxing HQ in Brentwood, Essex and showing them live on Sky Sports and the DAZN.

Every event saw some incredible battles which made up for the months without Boxing by giving the views at home some of the most exciting fights seen for a long time that will be repeated for years to come.

VOW Nutrition would like to thank all those involved in making Matchrooms Fight Camp a part of Boxing History.




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